Saturday 29 November 2014. The weather forecast for today wasn’t too bad so I thought that I’d squeeze in an extra walk in an attempt to bump up my annual mileage. This 10.3 mile walk from Wittering followed a familiar route although I extended it a little in the middle as I wanted a longer walk and had the time to spare.

My first stop was in the village of Thornhaugh and from here I made my way through Old Sulehay Forest. The extension took me to Ring Haw for another coffee stop and then to Jack’s Green before entering Bedford Purlieus. The path alongside the A47 was flooded in one section and I’ll be reporting this to Peterborough CC as I believe that this is an outflow from the adjacent quarry.

The last section of the walk took me past Wittering Grange before retracing my outward leg back to Wittering village. There was light rain/drizzle for a large part of the walk and the sun only broke through for the last mile or so. It was a shame that it was so late in coming out but at least I didn’t get too wet.


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