What a difference a day makes

Monday 24 November 2014. Yesterday was a complete wash out as far as walking was concerned with just me and 2 guest walkers from Leicester turning up for the scheduled walk from Barrowden. Today was completely different with blue skies, albeit a little on the chilly side. Given the choice between wet & warm or dry & cold, I’ll take the latter every time.

I made my usual early morning visit to the gym but all the while that I was on the treadmill I was thinking that I’d much rather be walking outside. It was too much to resist so, after the gym, I took myself off to Ferry Meadows (again) for a 5 mile walk. Avoiding the muddy paths of the pre-AGM walk, I left the confines of the country park and walked back through Milton Park. I’ve now walked 897 miles this year and might try to push this to the magical figure of 1,000.


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