Sunday 23 November 2014. It was a thoroughly miserable morning with constant rain that wasn’t forecast to relent until late afternoon. I had an early morning text exchange with Linda who confirmed that there were no other walkers at CTCP and she wisely decided to go shopping instead of walking.

I doubted very much whether there would be anyone else mad enough to walk today but I was committed to going to Barrowden to see if anyone turned up. A younger couple from Leicester pitched up at 10:10. As there were just the three of us, I gave them a map of the route and a few verbal instructions and left them to it. They wanted to walk but I felt no great desire to join them. Had there been a few more then I would have got wet and made the most of it.

I think today has only served to reinforce my views about the good work done by our walks leaders and the need of other members to fully appreciate our efforts. We commit months in advance to lead walks and turn out in all weathers whilst the rank and file member can look out of the window, decide that the weather isn’t that great and then spend the rest of the day at home.


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