Crinkle Crags

Wednesday 5 November 2014. We had a drive into Great Langdale today for a walk up to and across the Crinkle Crags. Starting from the Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel car park we made our way through Stool End farm for the 1,200ft climb up the side of Brown Gill to Red Tarn where we stopped for coffee. More climbing took us across the back of Great Knott and over the first of 7 Crinkles. The second Crinkle involved a climb over the “bad step”. This was too difficult for us so we diverted around the side. Before making this diversion we stopped to watch a guy in a blue top clamber up the side of the “bad step”. He was 6ft+ and had the levers that were essential to scramble to the top. Jacqui and I, as well as most other walkers, took the easier way around the side.

More ups and downs took us to Long Top which at just over 2,800ft is the highest of the Crinkles. We stopped for lunch here. The way ahead became even more complicated with some very steep rocky descents. At one point we lost the path and made a safe diversion in order to regain our route. By now, I’d lost count of the Crinkles that we had crossed and we skirted around the summit of one or two to reach the end at Three Tarns. It was 2.10pm and we had run out of time to make the 450ft climb up to Bow Fell, so instead, we made or descent down The Band. We had a drop of 2,00ft ahead of us and I estimated that this would take about an hour and a half. It took us an hour and forty five minutes bringing the total walking time up to 6 hours. It was 7.9 miles with 2,850ft of ascent, similar to yesterday, and quite enough climbing for this short break. Our legs were aching and I’m not sure how I’m going to make it down the stairs in the morning.


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