Sunday 2 November 2014. 13 ramblers took part in this 7 mile walk along the sand heading towards Hunstanton. The day started dry but with a brisk breeze. We turned inland and a quick stop for refreshments before we continued through the village of Holme. As we headed further inland we had a quick short shower (not worth putting full waterproofs on) at this time.

As we walked parallel to the sea the weather changed and a heavy deluge of rain made most of us take shelter by a wood and a sugar-beet field. The sky towards the sea looked like we would be here for some time. At this point 4 members took the decision to press on ahead without taking shelter. Others added waterproof trousers or used umbrellas and by the time this was accomplished the rain started to ease.

We all then continued to where we turned towards the sea and a lunch stop. By this time it had stopped raining and the sun was trying to shine. The advance party did return in cars to offer lifts back to the start but as it had stopped raining and, as we were starting to dry out, we declined the offer. The lunch stop was by the new village hall and then it was along the coastal path to our cars.


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