Burnham Overy Staithe

Tuesday 28 October 2014. Our pre-Christmas project of walking the Norfolk Coastal Path is on hold for a few weeks but I just can’t resist the call of the sea. It was another beautifully sunny day so Karen and I met at Burnham Overy Staithe for an 8 mile walk. It is half-term and there were far more people and families out and about as we made our way along the sea bank towards the dunes near Gun Hill. Turning east, we walked through the Holkham National Nature Reserve as far as Lady Anne’s Drive.

We then headed out on to the vast expanse of Holkham beach. Although the tide was out, there were still a few channels of water which had to be jumped and whilst we able to walk along the shore line for some distance we then had to head back towards the dunes in order to avoid some of the deeper residual pools of water. This section of beach had previously been authorised for naturists and although this had been rescinded a year or two back, we still encountered a naked sun bather. To be fair to him, he was out in the middle of a huge expanse of beach, well away from the general thoroughfare, and didn’t appear to be causing any real offense.

We had intended to have a post-walk cup of tea at the Rose Garden Café in Holkham village but it was closed for refurbishment so we popped into the Victoria pub instead. It was heaving with “yuppie” types and their brats so we used the facilities and made a quick exit. It was a 130 mile round trip for me but the walk made it well worthwhile.


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