Barrowden Recce

Sunday 19 October 2014. It was a bright and breezy morning; I had nothing better to do, so I took myself off to recce the Barrowden walk that I’ll be leading in 5 weeks time. After a 30 mile drive, I made a start on the walk at just before 8:30am. I’ve done the walk many times before but always in a clockwise direction. So, for a change, I went the opposite way around. A mile and a quarter of road walking took me to South Luffenham and then across fields for coffee at the church in Morcott. This was my only stop but the group walk will stop again after 6 miles at Turtle Bridge. Advertised at 8 miles, readers of this blog and potential walkers may be pleased to learn that it was only 7.84 miles. If it is raining on the day of the walk then we could shorten it to about 7 miles.


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