Norfolk Coastal Path – Leg 2

Thursday 16 October 2014. Phil joined us today for our walk along the length of the Norfolk Coastal Path. Leg 2 covered the 8 miles from Weybourne to Blakeney. Hilary didn’t fancy the 3 mile slog across the shingle bank in front of Salthouse and we met up with her for lunch at the Norfolk Wildlife visitor centre at Cley. By then we had done a total of 4¼ miles and we were all ready for a rest.

The second part of the walk took us on a 3¾ mile circuit of Blakeney Freshes, an area severely flooded last year when the sea defences were breached. The sea bank is still being repaired which meant that we had to walk at the foot of the bank for a short distance and a little later on the path was diverted across an area which seemed not to have fully recovered from the floods. Long stretches were still under water with duck boards providing some relief. In other areas there was no choice but to paddle through large pools of water.

I think that we all agreed that this wasn’t the most enjoyable section of the NCP but it had to be done if we were to walk the full length of the route. With this experience behind me, I’ll certainly be changing the route of my walk from Cley on 1st February to avoid the section along the shingle beach.


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