Hurst Green

Thursday 11 September 2014. This was Amanda’s last day of walking with me and we had an unusual start. I had an appointment at 10:15 with Whalley Warm & Dry for fitting of new insoles for my walking boots. This was a very thorough process and would take about an hour; so after an early coffee, I left Amanda to kill some time looking around the shops. Just as I’d finished, Amanda came into the shop and decided that she would take the opportunity to buy some properly fitted walking boots. 10 measurements were taken of her feet and a narrow fitting Alt-Berg boot was recommended. These were fitted with a higher quality insole and the boots stretched to accommodate any pinch points. They must have made a good job of the fitting as she wore them straight out of the shop on our 7.1 mile walk with 625ft of ascent.

A short drive from Whalley took us to Hurst Green for a walk alongside the Rivers Ribble and Hodder. Almost 4 miles of our route was along the riverbank and in glorious sunshine. Leaving the river we had to climb a flight of 130 steps through woodland and up to Stoneyhurst College. A 12:30 start to our walk and a finish a little more than 3 hours later meant that we were too late for food in the village pub. This was quickly rectified with a visit to the Aspinall Arms at Great Mitton where I had Sausage & Mash. Delicious!


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