Barley and Pendle Hill

Tuesday 9 September 2014. I didn’t see much of Pendle Hill in the fog on Saturday so Amanda and I went today to Barley for a 5.2 mile walk up Pendle Hill with 1,200ft of ascent. The drive to Barley should have been uneventful but my satnav decided that I should take a small country road from Worston to Downham that was barely wide enough for my car with virtually no passing places. I was fortunate not to meet anything coming the other way. Needless to say, I didn’t come back that way.

Barley is a charming little village with a café adjacent to the car park so it was coffee and toast/bacon butty before we started. I’d mapped out a route but Jacqui had advised me to do it the opposite way around as the ascent would be easier. Our path ascended gradually past Lower and Upper Ogden Reservoirs before climbing more steeply alongside Boar Clough. We followed the Pendle Way on the way up and on the way down. The gradient eased the closer that we got to the trig point at the summit of Pendle Hill (1,827ft). We had a lunch stop in the lee of a nearby wall before heading down the stepped path running diagonally down the face of the hill. We quickly lost 600ft in 1/3rd of a mile before following a much easier path back to Barley. Instead of going to the pub, we had post-walk refreshments in another of the village’s tea shops. I couldn’t resist trying the Broth and Dumplings which was home made.

The “Witches” village of Newchurch in Pendle was less than a mile away so we had a drive there to look around. The church was interesting but the shop selling Witch souvenirs was full of tat.


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