Circuit of Pendle Hill

Saturday 6 September 2014. I had planned to meet Jacqui for a walk at 10:00 today. The weather was grim so we decided to put our start time back to 12:00 in the hope that it would improve. As we set off there was low cloud and drizzle which, at times, developed into steadier rain. The hoped for views didn’t materialise and so I took only one token photo of a cairn, rebuilt to celebrate the Boy Scouts anniversary. The walk, which started from the Nick of Pendle, took us on a circuit of Pendle Hill before rejoining out outward route in order to get back to the cars. It was 7.1 miles with 1,087ft of ascent.

The plan for a post-walk meal had to be abandoned as Jacqui had left her car lights on whilst we were away walking and consequently she had a flat battery. We waited 45 minutes for the breakdown service to come and give her a jump start and to get her on her way.


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