Saturday 30 August 2014. Writing my “Howgills” blog first thing this morning got me thinking about going back to bag Yarlside (2,096ft), the hill that I missed the other day when on Randygill Top. My first thought was to go up the side of Cautley Spout which I’d already done 2 or 3 times before and then to swing around Hare Shaw to Bowderdale Head before the climb to Yarlside. This would have added unnecessary distance and ascent to what would still be a stiff walk.

Setting off from Cross Keys, I made my way to the foot of Cautley Spout but instead of climbing up the side, I detoured in a northerly direction towards the hause at Bowderdale Head. From here, the route turned north-east up steep open fellside to another hause before the final push to Yarlside. It was at this second hause that the weather took a turn for the worse. I could see it closing in from the west and just had time to get the waterproofs on before being enveloped in a combination of low cloud, drizzly rain and a strong westerly wind. The last 150ft of ascent to the small cairn that marks to top of Yarlside were climbed in less than ideal conditions and the view from the top was masked by the low cloud. I hung around for a couple of minutes in the hope that it would clear but to no avail. As sod’s law would have it, by the time that I’d descended back to the hause, the weather had improved with patches of blue sky. I couldn’t be bothered to go back to the top for the view.

The walk back followed the same route as on the way out. Although it was only 4.5 miles there was 1,800ft of ascent. The pictures at the start and end of the walk show just how the weather changed during the morning.


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