The Howgill Fells

Saturday 30 August 2014. There has been a mixture of heavy showers and more persistent rain here in Kendal for the last couple of days and today has started in the same vein, although it may brighten later. As I haven’t walked for the last 2 days, I thought that I would use the time to record the routes that I’ve done across the Howgill Fells. It is an area just to the east of the M6 and to the north of Sedbergh and is about 7 miles from north to south and 5 miles from east to west.

It is fast becoming one of my favourite walking areas; largely because of its feeling of remoteness and the absence of fences and walls. Consequently, you can walk at will in any direction. There are some well defined paths but much of it is open fellside with the right to roam. The highest point, The Calf, is just over 2,200ft whilst Sedbergh lies at around 450ft.


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