Randygill Top

Wednesday 27 August 2014. I awoke to clear blue skies this morning and made the easy 20 mile drive to Ravenstonedale on the northern flanks of the Howgills. The plan was to walk to Randygill Top (2,047ft) and to then see if I had the energy left to take in Yarlside (2.096ft). There doesn’t appear too much difference in height between these two hills but to go to Yarlside would add 2½ miles and a further 600ft of up and down.

It was easy going as I left Ravenstonedale on what would be an out and back walk. I was soon on open fellside following the faintest of footpaths and at times sheep tracks. I followed the course of Wyegarth Gill as I made my way steadily uphill and around the side of Knoutberry. I stopped for a rest on Grere Fell before making the final push for Randygill Top. By now I’d walked 4.3 miles and decided not to bother with the extension to Yarlside.

On my way back I took in both Green Bell (1,984ft) and Knoutberry (1,686ft). The return leg was largely wandering over trackless fells and I was glad of the assistance from my GPS to confirm my location and direction of travel. In the 4 hours of my walk I only saw 2 other people and they were at least a mile away from me. If you like wide open and empty spaces then the Howgills are ideal. My walk was 8.3 miles with a total ascent of 1,868ft.

Inexplicably, the micro SD card in my tablet died yesterday and along with it went almost 20gb of data including all of my digital mapping. Although I was able to use the digital mapping on my phone for today’s walk, it doesn’t have the same battery capacity as the tablet, but it still works just as well. I wasn’t sure if it was the tablet or the micro SD card that was at fault. The former would be expensive to replace whilst a new micro SD card from the nearby PC World only cost £20. Luckily it did the trick and I then spent the next 3 hours downloading the mapping for the Lake District and Clitheroe, on a very slow internet connection, so that I can go back to using the tablet for the remainder of the holiday.


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