Aches and Pains

Thursday 21 August 2014. I woke this morning with incredibly sore quads as a result of yesterday’s rather taxing walk. I really needed a massage but, as that wasn’t going to happen; I took myself off for some retail therapy instead. The first stop was Ambleside where “The Epicentre” had a half price sale with a further 10% off at the till. 10 minutes later and I’d bought myself 3 short sleeve shirts made by Patagonia, sometimes referred to as Patagucci on web discussion forums.

It has been a mixture of heavy showers and rain all day here in the Lakes and this, allied with school holidays makes the Lakeland towns rather less attractive in such conditions. Instead of being out on the hills, families were flocking to the shops and cafes. The Apple Pie café in Ambleside was full and in another that I visited, the service was so poor that I walked out after waiting far too long to place my order.

Next, it was on to Keswick to have a look around the Camping & Caravanning Club’s site as a possible location for next year. It was full and the warden was reluctant to let me bring my car on to the site. After some persuasion she let me stop briefly on a vacant pitch. A quick look around confirmed my suspicions that I should avoid school holidays and need to revisit my holiday plans for 2015. I parked at Booths supermarket to do a little shopping and for an early lunch. There was a queue a mile long so I gave the café a miss and couldn’t be bothered to fight with the crowds in the town.

Driving back through Ambleside, cars were queuing to get into the main car park and I was glad that I done my clothes shopping before the crowds had arrived. The café at Morrison’s in Kendal was rammed and so I had to settle for a take-away sandwich and an afternoon watching York races on TV.


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