Sunday 3 August 2014. Unusually for the Fenland Ramblers we travelled north into Lincolnshire for Sue’s walk from Edenham. There were only 3 on her last long walk a few weeks back so, as it was a nice day, I felt compelled to go and swell the numbers on today’s walk. Despite being advertised at 9.5 miles, it was reasonably well supported by 9 walkers including Norma from the Hunts Group. We set off across the parkland of nearby Grimsthorpe Castle stopping after only a mile or so for coffee by the lake, looking back to the Castle. A minor navigational error after the break meant that we added 0.6 miles to the walk and had to backtrack for a while.

We crossed the dry bed of the West Glen River at 12:30 and at this point we had walked 5 miles. Some consideration was given to having lunch here but, instead, we pressed on for another hour and a further 2 miles for lunch at the church just outside Creeton. By now, we had done 7 miles and as it was a warm day some were feeling a little weary. I estimated that we still had more than 3 miles to go. This proved to be short of the mark and a further 4 miles brought the total to 11.1 miles.

The last 2 miles were tough on the feet as they were on a hard farm track and then a tarmac road. My feet and legs were aching by the time that we got back at 15:30 and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling that it had been something of a slog.


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