East Rudham

Sunday 27 July 2014. Back to walking with the Fenland Ramblers today for a 7.25 mile walk from East Rudham. 14 walkers turned out for what was a fairly gentle walk with less than 300ft of ascent. A combination of country lanes and rather overgrown bridleways brought us to the church just outside Croxford where we stopped for coffee. More lanes and little used tracks took us to the bridge over the disused railway line where we stopped for lunch. Shortly after, we passed the disused East Rudham station.

The weather was much warmer than forecast and by the time that we had walked 6.5 miles; some of us were wilting in the heat. Phil was standing in for Karen on this walk which was advertised at 6 miles. He warned us at the start that it would probably be a longer than scheduled and his plan was to take in a local nature reserve. At this point, I offered to take a shorter route and about half of us decided that we’d had enough. The remainder took the slightly longer way back which probably meant a total of about 8.5 miles.


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