Around Fountains Abbey

Wednesday 16 July 2014. I bailed out from this walk last week because it was too hot. Conditions today were almost perfect for walking so I thought that we should give it a go. Starting from the NT visitor centre, we made our way to the Obelisk and past St Mary’s Church shortly after entering Studley Royal deer park. A herd of Fallow deer were grazing nearby but seemed unconcerned as we walked by. A little later we entered the valley of the seven bridges. This carries the River Skell from the outflow of the lake in the grounds of Fountains Abbey through to Ripon and beyond. The next 3 miles of the route took us on a rather pointless and boring loop through Studley Roger and almost back to the end of the bridges valley.

A few more miles through more open farmland brought us close to Fountains Abbey but views were very restricted by tall trees. A short climb and a little road walking soon got us back to the car. The walk was 7.6 miles with just over 700ft of ascent.

Karen wanted to have a look around Knaresborough before returning home so we stopped off for a quick walk around. The view from the castle down to the railway bridge over the River Nidd is iconic and must have been seen by almost every visitor to the town. I had an amusing interchange with the guy in the TIC when I called his souvenirs “tat”. He wasn’t really offended and when I explained that I was a Yorkshire man, he responded by saying “that you can always tell a Yorkshireman; but not very much”. We ended the day with tea in Lavender tea room above the oldest chemists shop in England.


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