Sutton Bank

Tuesday 15 July 2014. We had a 25 mile drive today to the North Yorks Moors visitor centre at the top of Sutton Bank. The last mile of the drive is up a 1in4 hill with a series of hairpin bends. There was a queue of traffic going up the hill which meant that we came to a standstill at times. Instead of doing a series of hill starts, I held the car steady by riding the clutch. This didn’t do it any good and there was an acrid smell coming from my car as the clutch overheated. I hope that I haven’t done any permanent damage.

The reason for the drive was to do an 8.25 mile walk with 1,500ft of ascent and to see the Kilburn White Horse at close quarters. We started out from the visitor centre by following the Cleveland Way across the top of Roulston Scar. From here we had great views across the Vales of York & Mowbray some 700ft below us. After 2 miles we came to the head of the White Horse where we tried to find a non-existent path. Instead, we took the 151 steps down the side of the White Horse for a coffee stop looking back up at the chalk figure. We were, perhaps, a little too close at this time and a better view was had from Kilburn a few miles further on.

Having taken a diversion down the steps we soon rejoined the planned path which took us across a huge stile over a deer fence and a short while later, a bridge over the fence on our exit from the field. It was here that we encountered more of the dreaded nettles and, of course, more stings on our arms and legs.

We stopped for lunch in the village of Kilburn which is perhaps best known for the furniture maker “Mousey Thompson”. His trade mark was to carve a small mouse on each piece of furniture that he made. It isn’t cheap with an oak dining room table & 6 chairs costing £7,700.

Leaving the hamlet of Oldstead we had a climb of 600ft back to the visitor centre where I bought a couple of post cards which might have been designed with me in mind.


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