Dales High Way – Day 8

Monday 30 June 2014. Today is my 63rd birthday and what better way to celebrate it by being out walking and completing the 90 miles of the Dales High Way.My b&b last night was a 20 minute walk from the village of Newbiggin-on-Lune. Normally they ferry guests to the local pub, but they were going out for the evening. So, it was another walk or go without an evening meal. I chose the latter. Otherwise it was a very nice b&b.
Back to the walking. It was supposed to be 12.7 miles but a couple of navigational errors meant that it turned out to be 13.5 miles and another 6 hours of walking. My first mistake came on Ravenstondale Moor. There are no signposts but as it follows part of the C2C, I have no real excuse. The second came on Great Asby Scar and was due to a lack of concentration. Both were easily overcome but added distance and time.
It was a lovely sunny day and whilst I took quite a few pictures, most were at a distance and the camera some how doesn’t do them justice.
I called into the Appleby TIC to get my DHW certificate and absent mindedly left my walking poles there. I didn’t miss them until arriving at tonight’s b&b so had another 15 minute walk to go and retrieve them. I’m on the 9.35 train to Harrogate tomorrow to pick up my car and hope to be home in time for the football at 5pm.


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