Dales High Way – Day 2

Tuesday 24 June 2014. My B&B in Ilkley was good. Large room with double bed but small tv. Excellent breakfast.With an 11 mile walk ahead of me, I made an earlier start at 09.00. It was a warm humid morning and the climb up onto Ilkley Moor soon had me sweating. After about an hour I felt a “hot spot” on the ball of my left foot and stopped to apply a precautionary Compeed held in place by zinc oxide tape. It seems to have done the trick as I haven’t had any further problems – touch wood!
Rain was forecast so I stopped for an early lunch and was soon joined on my bench by a couple from Addingham. This prolonged my break but I wasn’t in a hurry. The rain came in the form of a heavy 10 minute shower at about the 6 mile point. It was sufficient to make me put a raincoat on and shelter under some trees whilst it blew through. The remainder of the walk was sunny. I arrived in Skipton at 15.00. 6 hours for 11 miles is very slow for me.
I’m having problems getting pics from my SD card onto my tablet so it will be text only blogging until I can get it sorted.

Post blog note. I’ve sorted the SD card problem and have added 3 pictures although visibility wasn’t great today.

IMG_20140624_192011 IMG_20140624_192112 IMG_20140624_192305


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