Kington Circular

Monday 9 June 2014. Bea joined me today for a short break. At 9am when we were in the middle of a thunderstorm it didn’t look like we would be doing any walking today. The rains stopped but another thunderstorm broke out as I picked Bea up at 10am. Thankfully, these storms were short lived and we didn’t have any more rain today.

After the obligatory pre-walk coffee in Kington we made a belated start to the 6.6 mile route which had a total of 1,150ft of ascent. The first 800ft of this came as we made a steady climb towards the monkey puzzle trees at the top of Hergest Ridge.


The route down off the hill was just as steep as we made our way to cross the River Arrow. On the way we came upon these newly shorn sheep and a little further on one of two Shepard’s huts which now seemed to be used as holiday accommodation.



Walking through a park coming back into Kington we saw this rather amusing sign: I wish that dog owners would take heed.





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