Rain, Rain Go Away

Wednesday 4 June 2014. Looking at the weather forecast, it seems as if most of the UK is plagued by rain today. Little Hereford is no exception and for me it is a day indoors. At least I can watch the French Open tennis. “Come on” Maria!! The weather outlook seems a little better for the next 2 days but thunderstorms are looming for the weekend.


I’ve been trying to stick to my diet whilst on this holiday in the hope that I can lose some weight before the Dales High Way trek. My good intentions fell apart last night with a visit to the local pub which is just a 3 minute walk away along the riverside. It must have been a slow night as there was just 2 other customers. The menu didn’t look too great but I felt compelled to have a pint and a bowl of chips if only to make my visit worthwhile.

I forgot to say that after my Ludlow walk yesterday I followed my sat nav to exit the town when it directed me down a road and through a tunnel/bridge which was only 6ft wide. It looked far too narrow for my car and I wasn’t going to risk it. This meant that I had to reverse 100yds back up a the street until I could take an alternative route along a side road. Checking on the internet I discovered that my car is 6′ 2” wide and 6′ 10” wide when taking the wing mirrors into account. I guess that few of us know the width of our cars; do you?


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