Sunday 26 May. As it was a long drive to Sheringham and a long walk, I wondered how many people would turn out today. The number fluctuated through the walk. We set out with 10 and a dog but Josephine had to leave us after a couple of miles at West Runton and Hilary joined us at East Runton for the last 5 miles or so. The walk was advertised as being either 7.5 miles or 9.5 miles, depending upon where you looked, but I cut a section out and compromised at 8.6 miles with a total ascent of 840ft. Looking at the route profile at the end of this post you might be fooled into thinking that we had climbed a mountain. In reality this was just 330 from sea level to the highest point in Norfolk at Beacon Hill (338ft). On my recent Devon holiday I was climbing 2 or 3 times as much for most of the time.

The walk was planned to coincide with low tide so that we could walk on the beach as far as East Runton.




The cliffs along this section of the walk seemed to have been badly eroded by the winter storms.




We left the beach at East Runton where Hilary joined us for the climb for lunch at Beacon Hill and the remainder of the walk. In profile the climb looks steep but it was only 300ft or so spread over a couple of miles. Our route took us along new paths for the group around the side of Incleborough Hill and up the access road for the Camping & Caravan Club’s East Runton site. After lunch we made our way along level woodland tracks to the viewpoint at Beeston Regis Heath. From here we could see across to Beeston Bump and the Sheringham Shoal wind farm.


11 looking at Sherringham-001 10 the walkers-001

It was largely downhill from Beeston Regis Heath until we came to Beeston Bump. Some chose to make this final climb whilst others decided to detour around the side. On our way back to the cars and for a welcome ice cream, we passed the converted public toilet which is now called the “Wee Place”.


I didn’t take many pictures today and the majority of those used in this post have been very kindly provided by Helen.




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