Damage Barton

Friday 9 May. It was a blowy night and the constant rocking and shaking of my caravan meant that I slept even less well than is usual. To compound matters, my satellite system isn’t working. I took it in to Barnstaple this morning to get it checked out. The sky box and cable seem fine so there must be a problem with my VuQube dish which will have to wait until I get home before I can get it fixed. So, its Freeview for the rest of the holiday.

It is still breezy but there are bright blue skies so I took myself off for a short walk after lunch. Whilst it was only 3.70 miles there was over 1,000ft of ascent which is just a taste of what is to come on the South West Coast Path. Starting from the caravan, I made my way down to the village of Lee on the coast where there were breathtaking views.



I could have extended the walk to Morethoe but with climbs like this ahead, I decided that I’d had enough for today as light rain showers were blown across in the wind.






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