Saturday 12 April. I met Jacqui today for a walk up Shutlingsloe which, although only measuring in at 1,660ft, is sometimes referred to as the Cheshire Matterhorn. This more a reflection of its shape rather than its height. Starting from the Tegg’s Nose car park we made our way through the old quarry workings where a group of youngsters were abseiling down a rock face.


Shutlingsloe dominated the skyline as we made our way down to the Langley and Ridgegate reservoirs and to a coffee stop at Trentabank.



A 700ft climb up through the woods of Nessit Hill brought us out on to open moorland and the final push to the top of Shutlingloe. The last section was up a series of steps designed for giants rather than the vertically challenged.


It was freezing and blowing a gale on the summit so we only stopped long enough for a couple of pictures before retracing our tracks to pick up the circular route back to Tegg’s Nose.



Statistically, this was the hardest walk of the week at 9.25 miles with 2,100ft of ascent. Much of this was up Shutlingsloe but there was a sting in the tail with a 300ft climb right at the end to get up Tegg’s Nose and back to the cars. Rain had been forecast for the middle of the afternoon but it held off until the drive back to Castleton where I had to make a 10 mile diversion as Winnats Pass was closed due to a traffic accident.




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