Win Hill Wander

Friday 11 April. I did half of this walk over Christmas a few years ago with Amanda, Bea & Terry. At that time the ground was white with frost and we decided not to take the direct route to Win Hill up Parkin Clough but to take a more gentle path. Whilst there was some mud underfoot today, I went for it by climbing almost 700ft in under a mile to the top of Win Hill at 1,520ft.

ImageThe serious climbing soon began as I made my way up Parkin Clough.ImageImage

It took me 50 minutes to make it to the top of Win Hill where I stopped for a well deserved coffee break and to take a few pictures.




Leaving Win Hill behind, I had a fairly level walk of about a mile with views down the Hope and Edale valleys.





Looking to the north I had views over Crook Hill to Derwent Edge.


The following sign amused me although I’d seen something similar before.

ImageMy route now took me gradually downhill to the village of Aston from where I had another climb of 500ft or so which took me close to the top of Win Hill (again!). It was a nice sunny day with great views so I didn’t really mind the extra effort required.

ImageThe walk was 7.6 miles with almost 1,800ft of ascent. It won’t be any easier tomorrow as I’m planning to climb Shutlingsloe (The Cheshire Matterhorn) which will be another 8.25 miles and 2,000ft of ascent. I think that I’ll be ready for an easy day on Sunday.



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