South Head & Mount Famine

Thursday 10 April. I started today’s walk at Bowden Bridge, near Hayfield, the scene of the Kinder mass trespass which resulted in improved access rights for walkers.  As I gained height, Kinder reservoir came in to view.

ImageI stopped near Broad Clough for a chat with a chap who was out recceing a route for a D of E walk at the weekend.

ImageAlthough a little hazy the Manchester conurbation could be seen in the distance.



My twin targets of South Head and Mount Famine were now coming in to view. The climb to the first of these minor summits was at least 600ft with a short down and then another up to get to Mount Famine.




Whilst walking along the Mount Famine ridge I saw 3 Ring Ouzels flying together. I hadn’t seen this bird before so it made my day!

The walk at 6.8 miles with just under 2,000ft of ascent could best be described as “lumpy”. It was new ground for me and provided great views all of the way.




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