Hathersage to Castleton

Tuesday 8 April. The weather overnight brought strong winds and driving rain which carried on into today. It wasn’t a day for high level walking so I decided to catch the 10:00am bus from Castleton to Hathersage and to walk back on the northern side of the Hope Valley. The 6 mile bus ride took an interesting route diverting to Bradwell and Bamford along the way. It took over 30 minutes but I wasn’t in a hurry. A couple of dozen passengers got on at various stops but only 3 or 4 paid in cash. The remainder, like me, were using their bus passes.

There were still a few heavy showers when I arrived in Hathersage so it was a good excuse for the obligatory start of holiday bacon butty and a mug of tea followed by a browse around the outdoor clothing shops. By 11:45am it looked as if the worst of the weather had blown through so I made a start on my walk back to the caravan. There was a steepish climb of around 200ft which provided the following views.

ImageImageImage My navigation went a little awry in the vicinity of Thorpe Farm and as a consequence I wandered on to a very boggy path and sank to the middle of my calf. Fortunately the gaiters kept the water and mud out of my boots. Just before Thornhill, I passed this rather impressive building.

ImageSections of the path close to Hope were ridiculously muddy and it was an achievement just to stay upright. The reward was this view towards Mam Tor.

ImageThe route was 7.6 miles with just over 1,100ft of ascent. Most of it was new to me and I would certainly do it again when the ground is a little drier.



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