Rutland Water

Sunday 6 April. Regular readers of this blog may notice that I’ve used a different format today which allows me to embed larger pictures within the body of the text. This is achieved by posting directly on-line, whereas previously I’ve posted by email which produced the body of the text followed by a small picture gallery. A small change but hopefully better presentation.

Today’s walk was advertised as 7 miles but as we made a small detour to explore the village of Lyndon, it turned out to be 7.9 miles. The weather forecast had improved and although a little overcast, it did at least stay dry. 13 of us (9 Fenland + 4 guests) set out from the Normanton car park on the shores of Rutland Water to follow the cycle track to the Wildlife Trust’s visitor centre some 3 miles away.

ImageAlong the way we saw these Jacob (?) sheep and their really cute black & white lambs.



Our coffee break was taken in the shelter of one of the nature reserve’s bird hides. It looks like I caught Michael mid-banana!

ImageOur lunch stop was taken at the village church in Lyndon. The following picture is of Lyndon Hall which was built in 1670. More of the history can be found here:


The final part of the walk took us along quiet country lanes and back around Edith Weston to retrace our tracks back to the cars.




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