Friday 21 March. It’s the Spring equinox today and finally I think that winter is behind us. I’ve been making the most of the recent dry weather with a 10 mile walk from Wansford on 19 March, a 5½ mile walk from Nassington with the Thursday Strollers yesterday and a 6½ mile walk from Elton today. 22 miles in 3 days to add to the 14½ miles that I did during last weekend. A total of 102 miles so far this month with another 8½ to come on Sunday

It was overcast for much of the first two walks but this morning dawned with beautiful sunshine so I took a few pictures on the way. Leaving Elton, I crossed the River Nene and made my way to Fotheringhay via Park Spinney. I took some time out for a coffee break in the grounds of the church at Fotheringhay before making my way back through Eaglesthorpe and Elton Park. It is a really nice walk; only 20 miles or so from home but it was spoiled by a section of flooded path at Eaglesthorpe, due to local quarrying, which meant that I had to trespass on their property to find a dry way through. I’m waiting to speak to the Northants Rights of Way Officer to see what can be done to correct this situation.


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