Monday 3 March. The weather Gods truly smiled on me today with perfect walking conditions and bright blue skies. I took myself off to Malham to do a walk that I’d done many times before but with a couple of twists. The rain of yesterday meant that the streams were in full flow and it was virtually impossible to climb the waterfalls of Gordale Scar. The pictures don’t do credit to their size which, whilst not being particularly high, present their own challenge to anyone who wants to climb them.

In a way, I was glad that I couldn’t make the climb today as it meant that I had to find a new route to the top. This involved a steep hillside climb of nearly 400ft from Gordale Beck but I was rewarded by spectacular views down into Gordale Scar whilst I stopped to get my breath back and enjoy a well deserved coffee break.

The next couple of miles were fairly level as I made my way to the southern shore of Malham Tarn. This was the turning point for the walk as I made my way back via Watlowes to the top of Malham Cove. Unusually, I had the place to myself. A series of steps down the side of the Cove took me to the bottom where water emerges to form Malham Beck. Millions of years ago the water came over the top in the form of a waterfall.

A short walk took me back to the starting point in Malham to complete a wonderful 8½ mile walk with 1,600ft of ascent.


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