Wet Sunday

Sunday 2 March. The weather forecast wasn’t great, nevertheless, I thought that I’d give it a go and see if I could sneak in a 7 mile walk before the rains came. My walk started straight from the caravan so I made an early start at 08:45. There weather forecasters were right and consequently I only took these two pictures. I doubt that the bees would bother leaving their hives today and perhaps I should have done the same.

I hadn’t been going long before encountering a heavy shower which forced me to stop and put the rain cover on my rucksack. As usually happens, in the time that it took, the rains stopped and so I pressed on. After about 2 miles the rain became more persistent and I then decided to call it a day. I was familiar with the area so made my return via a different route. The walk was only 3¾ miles with 480ft of ascent. If anything can be salvaged from this aborted walk it was an opportunity to test my new Berghaus coat. It repelled the rain which beaded on the outer surface of the fabric and therefore kept me dry. Breathability is okay which was proven on yesterday’s Bolton Abbey walk when I was carrying my tablet in the chest pocket. This 7”x 5” slab restricted the jackets breathability in this particular area and my shirt had a similar sized damp patch where the moisture couldn’t escape. The rest of my inner clothing remained relatively dry.


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