Wansford Recce

Friday 21 February. Today should have started with one of my regular early morning visits to the gym but the clear blues skies were too good to miss so I took my exercise in the open air. I needed to recce the Wansford walk that I’m leading on 20 April and this seemed like a good opportunity.

This is fast becoming one of my favourite local walks – only 20 miles from home and I’ve done it quite a few times. For a change I decided to do it the opposite way around and made my way from Wansford up to Old Sulehay Forest and then through Ring Haw where I stopped for coffee. It was at this point that I should have diverted for a 2 mile loop to Jack’s Green but a 20 yard section of the path was flooded and impassable. I could have hopped over a couple of fences to regain the route but as I’ve done it many times before, I didn’t feel an overwhelming need to do it again today.

After coffee, the track took me to the edge of Nassington and then Yarwell before picking up the Nene Way across the water meadows back to Wansford. This last section was a little squelchy but my feet stayed dry and it was only a couple of hundred yards back to the car. This abbreviated route was only 5.8 miles but it was very enjoyable in the sunshine.


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