Rutland Water Recce

Wednesday 19 February. It was quite spring-like today so I took myself off to recce a walk that I’ll be leading on 6th April. It was 7½ miles; a little longer than published but worth the extra effort. I’ve updated the Group’s website and also included a note about the increased parking charges. Under the new system you are required to take a ticket at the entry barrier and then to pay at a separate machine before trying to make an exit. It’s a bit like the system at Queensgate in Peterborough. The charge is £3 for up to 3 hours and £5 for any longer.

My walk took me a little over 3 hours and included a coffee stop in a bird hide overlooking Rutland Water and lunch on the bench in Lyndon village. For anyone who hasn’t been to Rutland Water before, you should know that there are 4 car parks. We will be using the “Normanton” car park on the south shore of the reservoir. Don’t make the mistake of turning onto the road signed to Normanton village but head towards Edith Weston, turning right into the Normanton car park just before Edith Weston. If you are using satnav, then programme it for Edith Weston and you should find the car park without too much trouble. It must have been my lucky day as the entry barrier wasn’t working and I was able to park for free.

The walk follows the cycle/footpath heading west and at the 2¾ mile point there is a bird hide which is where I had my coffee stop. From here there is an uphill section on a metalled road which then leads on to a series of field edge paths. Some of these were muddy but I’m hoping that they will dry up in the next few weeks. Lyndon village is about 5½ miles into the walk leaving just a couple of miles to do after lunch.


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