New Boots

Some of you will be aware of the foot problems that I had last year which, I’m pleased to say, were largely cured by the purchase of some custom made orthotics supplied by a very knowledgeable podiatrist based in Settle, Yorkshire . As well as sorting out my foot problems, Andrew recommended that I move away from my Asolo boots and that I should buy something made by Keen as they have a wider and less constricting toe box.

So, as I was in the Lake District at the time, I went to The Epicentre in Ambleside and bought a pair of Keen Gypsum boots and a pair of Keen Gypsum walking shoes. These were incredibly comfortable straight out of the box and haven’t given me any problems until now, just 7 months later, when the boots have started to leak. Rather than having a goretex lining, Keen use their own KeenDry material which is guaranteed for two years. As with most purchases, the retailer is the first port of call when there are any problems with the quality of the goods bought. I have to say that The Epicentre have been excellent. I spoke to them on Tuesday when they asked that I post the boots back to them and they would progress a warranty claim with Keen on my behalf. Only 4 days later and I’ve had an email confirming that Keen have accepted the warranty claim and will be sending me some replacement boots.

I was given a choice of colours and have opted for these rather outstanding grey and yellow beauties.!green%20sheen


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