Stoke Ferry

Sunday 19 January. A weather front was slower than forecast in passing through our area so the drive to Stoke Ferry was a wet one. Had I not been leading the walk then I would have turned around and gone home. However, by the time that I got to Stoke Ferry the worst of the rain had blown through and I was surprisingly joined by 9 other members of the group.

The planned route had been changed as it was too boggy so we set out for a 7½ mile walk with the option of cutting it short in the event of the weather turning bad again. Our coffee stop at the 2½ mile point was taken in the dry but shortly afterwards it started to rain heavily and the consensus opinion was that, instead of walking around Stoke Ferry Fen, we should take the short cut across the middle. Although the rain didn’t look as if it would stop anytime soon, it only lasted for about 20 minutes and it was dry again by the time we stopped for lunch at the bridge across the Cut-off Channel. This is one of many drainage systems which, along with the River Wissey and the Great River Ouse all come together at Denver Sluice before flowing out to The Wash.

A short post-lunch walk took us back through Wretton and back to the cars to complete a circuit of just 6 miles.


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