Stoke Ferry – 2nd Recce

Saturday 11 January. The weather over the last few weeks has hardly been seasonal with no sign of snow and very few frosts. Instead, we’ve had regular wind & rain which has made underfoot conditions very soft and muddy. The tidal surge before Christmas washed away part of the shingle sea defences at Cley next the Sea and has meant that the planned walk from there on 23 March will have to be re-routed inland and along the Glandford valley. The crash of the American helicopter was a sad event and has brought a temporary closure of the surrounding area. I’m sure that this will be resolved before our walk.

As I’ve said, the ground is very muddy as I found out yesterday when I went to recce my Southwick walk for 9 February. It was so wet that I’ve decided to do an alternative route but some mud is inescapable.

Bea and I went out on 8 December to recce the Stoke Ferry walk that I’ll be leading on 19 January. A large part of the route had been churned up by cattle and I’m sure that it will be even worse by now. With this in mind, I revisited Stoke Ferry again today to try out an alternative route which was a complete circuit of Stoke Ferry Fen. It proved to be a much better and relatively dry route although a mile and a half longer than the intended 6 miles. A shorter 5¾ mile route would be possible if the weather turned out to be inclement on the day. The sugar beet factory was almost constantly in view but this was compensated for by sight of a herd of deer less then half a mile away from my route.


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