Not the Nar Valley Way

Tuesday 7 January. Karen, Bea, Josephine and I had planned to start the Nar Valley Way today but the weather was of a different mind. The forecast for the last 24 hours constantly changed but we were supposed to expect showers which would clear throughout the morning. This was sufficiently encouraging for us to make the 50 mile drive to Litcham to meet up with Karen and then to go on to the start of the walk at Gressenhall.

There were light showers on the way there, but by the time that we arrived at 10am it was bucketing it down with claps of thunder. It didn’t seem as if this would improve very much so we abandoned the walk and made for the tea shop in Castle Acre which we subsequently found to be closed. Luckily, the Ostrich pub was open so this provided so refuge from the elements. By the time that we left at about 11am it had stopped raining and there were patches of blue sky. An eventful morning wasn’t quite completed as the road south out of Castle Acre was flooded by the River Nar, meaning that we had to double back on ourselves and exit via the road towards Newton.


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