Sunday 29 September. On a lovely sunny day 12 members took part in the Group’s 5¼ mile Anniversary Walk. There was a stiff breeze blowing as we made our way from the disused Hunstanton lighthouse on to the beach to walk towards Holme-next-the-Sea. We stopped for toilets and a coffee break on the outskirts of Holme before venturing a little further north to pick up the path running alongside the River Hun which was our intended return route. Unfortunately, it was overgrown and we had to make our way along the road before picking up the path a little further on.

Whilst we fought with the tangle of overgrown vegetation we met 4 “twitchers” who were peering skywards into a tree looking for a Yellow Browed Warbler. Small numbers, most likely from the western end of the breeding range, regularly winter in Western Europe. These arrive in Great Britain in late September and October after a 3,000–3,500 km migration from the Urals, a markedly shorter distance than the 5,500–6,000 km they would need to fly to reach the normal wintering areas in southeastern Asia. Exact numbers in this population are unknown, but typically several hundred are found arriving in Great Britain each autumn; given their unobtrusive behaviour, this is probably only a fraction of the total.

The remainder of the walk alongside the River Hun and back through Old Hunstanton was relatively uneventful but nonetheless enjoyable. We finished just after 12:30 and in good time for those who wanted to go to for a post-walk lunch.


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