East Rudham

Sunday 15 September and back to walking in and around Fenland. Yesterday, I joined Barry to recce his Wicken Fen walk for next weekend. I thought I knew the route and through not paying attention we got a little off track and added an extra mile to what should have been a 7 mile walk.

My own walk at East Rudham was one that I’d done many years ago but it still presented its own navigational challenge as a footpath that appeared on the map just wasn’t there on the ground. It didn’t take us too far out of our way but what I thought would be a 7½ mile walk turned out to be 9 miles. Fortunately the 8 of us that took part are reasonably strong walkers so the extra distance wasn’t a problem. The same couldn’t be said about a fallen tree which blocked our path. The weather was no where near as bad as predicted with just a fresh breeze and an odd shower.


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