Saturday 31 August. The weather changed overnight. The low cloud and rain of the last couple of days has been replaced by much fresher weather; breezy at times, a little cooler, but much improved visibility.

I didn’t want to do too much today so I set off straight from my caravan to complete the walk that I aborted a couple of days ago. The 4¼ mile route with just 320ft of ascent took me across fields to Burtersett from where I followed Shaw’s Lane to the village of Gayle. This is where the Wensleydale creamery can be found. I couldn’t resist calling in to try samples of the many cheeses on offer and bought some “Old Smokey”. As the name implies this is a smoked cheddar cheese which is absolutely delicious. I know that I shouldn’t have bought it and that it won’t be long before it has all been consumed. Good reasons for a 4 mile walk to buy some cheese. A walk through Hawes town centre soon brought me back to the caravan.


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