Wooler Common

Thursday 22 August. There was rain forecast for yesterday so it was a good opportunity to take a day out and rest. I had my laundry done by 08:30 and spent the rest of the day watching England toil against Australia in the final Ashes test match. As it turned out, there were only a couple of brief showers and I could have gone for a walk but even I can’t manage to walk every day for this month long holiday.

The rest must have done some good as today’s walk should have been 7 miles but I extended it to 8¾ with 1,400ft of ascent. The car park was about a mile out of Wooler and around 300ft higher than the town so it saved a little effort at the beginning of the day. I only met one other walker all day; he was a local from Wooler out with his Lakeland terrier. We had a bit of a chat and he advised that my planned route included over 2 miles of road at the end of the walk. This could be avoided by going a little further out into the hills and following a section of the St Cuthbert’s Way. He also told me to keep an eye out for Adders which inhabit the moors. I didn’t see any!

The day started with high humidity and low cloud on the hill tops. This soon burnt off when the sun came out and I had to shed a couple of layers and finished just in a short sleeved shirt. This was a much better walk than the disappointing circuit of Shill Moor with good views out across the main body of the Cheviots.


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