Around Shill Moor

Tuesday 20 August. I thought that I’d do something a little easier today; a 7¼ mile walk with 1,340ft of ascent. Starting from Hartside in the River Breamish valley, my route took me a couple of miles across country to the south of Shill Moor. It was at this point that the walk went downhill, metaphorically and not literally. From here, the remainder of the walk was on metalled tracks/roads which weren’t good for my feet and, rather than going downhill, there was a considerable amount of uphill to be tackled. The only good thing to say about this walk was that it got me out into the Cheviots and it didn’t rain. I guess that its pot luck when doing new walks but I’m sorry to say that I picked a “lemon” today.

As yesterday, there was only one other car parked when I set off but 15 more had turned up by the time that I got back. I spoke to a family of 3 walkers towards the end of my route. They were heading for nearby Linhope Spout and I wished that I’d headed that way myself.


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