Alnmouth (not Alnwick)

Tuesday 13 August. Today’s walk was planned to start from the Castle in Alnwick and to go through Hulne Park. However, on reading the instructions more thoroughly, I discovered that the park didn’t open until 11:00am. I’d arranged to meet Bea & Josephine at 10:00 so it would have meant hanging around for an hour or so. I arrived early in Alnwick for a look around prior to the walk and fortunately bumped into Bea & Josephine at about 09:20. We went for the obligatory pre-walk coffee after which we decided that we’d go off to nearby Alnmouth for a coastal walk.

Not really knowing the area, we parked almost on the beach but to the north of the River Aln. Our intended route south to Walkworth meant that we had to find a way across the River Aln. Although the tide was out, there were signs warning not to try to cross the river. The only alternative was to walk inland and back out again to the coast. 3½ miles later we were no more than ½ a mile, as the crow flies, from our starting point but we were at least on the correct side of the river and had a couple of miles of beach walking ahead of us. Our walk finished with a look at the impressive Walkworth Castle. £5 admission meant that we were limited to external views as none of us wanted to pay to go inside.

Having already walked 7¼ miles, I didn’t really fancy any more and decided that we would catch the bus back to Alnmouth. Bea had to pay £2.70 but Josephine and I rode free with our OAP bus passes. The day was finished with tea in the HF Holidays Dandelion café. Good value but poor service: unusual for HF.


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