Powis Castle

Wednesday 12 June. For the second day running the weather forecast wasn’t great and it was also wrong. Heavy showers were predicted so I thought that I’d take myself off for a look around Powis Castle. I’ve recently joined the Scottish National Trust who has reciprocal arrangements with other National Trusts so it means that I can use my membership throughout the UK without any additional charge. The admission charge of £13 for was almost half the cost of SNT membership so I’m well on the way to recovering the cost of my subscription.

I drove through some light showers on the way to Welshpool & Powis Castle but by the time I got there the weather had improved and was warm with sunny spells. I’m still getting some pain in my left foot so a stroll around the Castle & Gardens was plenty for me today. The “socialist” in me says I shouldn’t be interested in how the aristocracy of the land lived in times gone by and I most certainly wouldn’t think of visiting anywhere which was still in private ownership. That said, Powis is an impressive property with beautifully laid out and maintained gardens. These were a little late in coming into flower and will be much better in the height of summer. The Rhododendrons were just a little past their best but still had some vividly coloured blossoms on show.


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