Great Eastern Pingo Trail.

Sunday 9 June. Josephine led her first walk for the group today; a 7.6 mile circuit near Thompson Water but pretty flat with just 350ft of ascent. It was a shame that she was only joined by Bea & me. I sometimes wonder what sort of walks the other members of the group want and whether it is worthwhile to lead walks with so little support?

A “Pingo” is a pool of water in depressions formed during the ice-age and as these are stagnant, they form an ideal breeding ground for biting insects. Despite applying insect repellent, I have a nice lump on the side of my temple as “gift” from one of these insects/mosquito’s.

I’ve been suffering from pain in my left foot when walking any distance and it became excruciating today after about 4 miles when I had to stop for more painkillers and a quick massage. The planned walk was over 8 miles but we decided to cut out a little by sticking to the Great Eastern Pingo Trail without any deviations. I’m glad that we did as I was in real trouble by the end and could have barely walked another yard. My thoughts on the problem are that it is either Metatarsalgia or Morton’s Neuroma; both of which cause a burning pain in the ball of the foot, extending into the toes. Not good when I’m off to Wales tomorrow for 2 weeks. How much walking I’ll manage is doubtful and I may have to abstain for a couple of months to give it a chance to improve. Another visit to the doctor is a must, when I get back.


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