Thursday 16 May. We set off today to do a walk that I’d found on the HF Holidays website. It was on the island of Lismore and purported to be 9 miles with 620ft of ascent. However, it turned out to be 10.24 miles with 1,330ft of ascent. This threw my timing out of the window. We caught the 11:00 sailing of the small passenger ferry from Port Appin for the 5 minute crossing to Lismore. The plan was to catch the 16:15 ferry back again but the extra distance and ascent of this walk meant that this was impossible and we made the 17:15 sailing with about 20 minutes to spare.

There were no signposts on this walk and I relied heavily on the route description and my GPS to find my way around. We made one mistake but after about 200 yards I realised that we were going in the wrong direction so no real harm was done. The walk provided excellent views of the Kingairloch Mountains and the Isle of Mull.

As we passed Baileouchdarach Farm we saw the unusual sight of the farmer using the forks on his tractor and a couple of strops to lift a cow to its feet. The farmer’s wife told us that the cow had fallen upside down into a drainage ditch and had blown up like a balloon due to pressure on its internal organs. Consequently, it had problems getting to its feet so the farmer lent a hand. Further on, whilst walking on a single track road, we were approached by an old lady driving a car with “L” plates on. She stopped to tell us that no one bothered on the island that she hadn’t passed her test or that she wasn’t accompanied by a full licence holder. Her car looked like an MOT failure and she drove off without seeming to ever change gear.

This was an eventful and interesting walk with the sea never far from view.


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