Unsettled Weather

Thursday 9 May. Listening to the BBC weather forecaster this morning, it seems as if I’m in for a spell of unsettled weather which could last for the next 2 weeks? However, the Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) seems to contradict this saying “Overall chilly, showery conditions on the mountains over the coming week to ten days, with snow and hail on higher summits. However, into next week, the cloud base will often be fairly high and the air very clear indeed. Despite general low pressure over Britain, there will also be days when winds are light. Who do you believe?? Playing it safe, I took my caravan awning down yesterday to avoid it blowing away in the forecast high winds.

What I can say is that this morning it is raining in the Lakes and its only 9c so no walking for me today and probably very little for the remainder of my stay. So far, I’ve only been out on 5 walks totalling 32½ miles which is rather pathetic. At least on 3 of these walks the weather was superb.

Whilst I can’t get out walking, I’ve been catching up on some of my domestic chores. As I’m away for 30 days, there’s a need to do some laundry and this job was completed before 8am this morning. The Caravan Club has industrial style washers & dryers which did the job for just £4.40. Not bad value compared to my £2.45 coffee at Rheged where I can get free internet access.

On the subject of technology, my phone advised me yesterday that there was a software upgrade ready which would lift me to Android 4.1.2: a later version of Jellybean. I needed some shopping from Booth’s supermarket so I settled down in their cafe where there is free internet to start the 543mb download for my phone. I had only paid for 1 hour’s parking and didn’t realise that the download would take so long. As they say “I’ve started so I’ll finish”, the task took 75 minutes to complete, the last 15 minutes of which I was worrying that I would get a fine for overstaying my parking ticket. I needn’t have worried as it was raining cats & dogs and I doubt that any meter maids would have been out in such foul weather.


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