Coast to Coast (completed)

Thursday 2 May. When I did the C2C nearly 2 years ago I badly blistered my feet on the first day. The pain was so great on the 2nd day that I couldn’t manage the final 3.5 miles from Honister to Stonethwaite and had to thumb a lift from a passing car. Today was my opportunity to right this wrong. I caught the 09.20 bus from Keswick to Honister. Too early for my bus pass so I had to pay the £5.25 fare. The weather was magnificent. Yesterday I was dressed for winter. Today it was short sleeves & suncream. There was a drop of 800ft in the 3.5 miles to Stonethwaite on a rocky path confirming the wisdom of not doing this section of the C2C first time round. Had I done so then I might have done enough damage to put the whole walk at risk.
Mission completed; then all that I had to do was to walk another 7 miles back to Keswick. I stopped off in Rosthwaite for a bacon sandwich and a pint mug of tea. I also called in to the HF Holidays house in Portinscale for afternoon tea. This was a most enjoyable walk with 2,300ft of down and only 1,300ft of up. 10.5 miles stretched my stamina and my feet were screaming at me by the end.
Friday 3 May. What a contrast, it is cold with low cloud & drizzle, so no walking for me today. As this holiday is a month long I don’t feel the need to walk every day and I doubt that my feet would stand it! Instead, it’s a lunchtime drink in the local pub with a wi-fi connection so I can catch up with the outside world. The forecast for the next few days isn’t too bad, so it will be back to the hills for me.


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